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The National Vocational Qualification enables you to obtain an official certificate of professional competence in formal procedures for the evaluation of your work experience, knowledge, or professional competences – an NVQ certificate.

NVQ for individuals

Fast track to suitable, successful, and satisfied employees.

A National Vocational Qualification acts as confirmation that your employee has the appropriate competencies to work in the company and that he/she can perform his/her work to a higher quality and in a professional manner.

NVQ for companies

List of catalogues and providers of national professional qualifications

The catalogues for an NVQ are the documents that form the basis for the organisation and implementation of the procedure for obtaining the NVQ certificate. Providers are authorised organisations that carry out these procedures and enable you to obtain the NVQ certificate.

Catalogues and providers

A portfolio is used to formally demonstrate your work experience and skills

A portfolio is used to evaluate the skills you have acquired through work experience and non-formal learning; in it, you collect evidence of your work experience and skills, which are then taken into account when obtaining an NVQ certificate with the help of an NVQ consultant.


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