Name of qualification Vodja projektne nalogeAdd to comparison [1]
Translated title (no legal status) Head of project task
Type of qualification Nacionalna poklicna kvalifikacija, SOK raven 5
Category of qualification Poklicna kvalifikacija
Admission requirements
  • Secondary general or technical education and at least three years’ experience in the field of project management or
  • higher or academic technical education and at least two years’ experience in the field of project management or
  • university or specialist studies and one year’s experience in the field of project management.
ISCED field Field
Poslovne in upravne vede, pravo
ISCED subfield subfield poslovanje in upravljanje, menedžment
Qualification level


Learning outcomes

Candidates will be able to:
  • define the aims of the project task (in cooperation with the project manager),
  • formulate an implementation plan for the project task (in cooperation with the project manager and line manager),
  • define the organisation, method of cooperation and communication for members of the technical team and store documents,
  • organise the implementation of project activities,
  • head the technical team,
  • carry out project activities,
  • monitor the implementation of the project task,
  • report to the project manager on implementation of the project task.


Verification and assessment are carried out by committees for the verification and validation of national vocational qualifications, appointed by the National Examination Centre (NEC). Committee members must be licensed by the National Examination Centre.

Assessment and completion

During the counselling process, the candidate prepares a portfolio. The relevant committee assesses the portfolio and validates the catalogue content in part or full. If the committee is unable to validate all catalogue content, it assigns tasks to the candidate for verification.
Written test.

Condition for obtaining certificate

Candidates demonstrate attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.

Awarding body

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating national vocational qualifications are entered in a register of providers maintained in the relevant collection of the National Reference Point for Occupational Qualifications. Providers include: vocational schools, companies, inter-company training centres, adult education centres and chambers of commerce.