Special entry conditions

  • Completed secondary vocational education in the “Roofer/sheet metal worker” progamme or a pass in the master craftsman examination in roofing; or at least completed secondary vocational education including the technical part of the final examination (product with oral presentation) for the vocational qualification “Roofer/sheet metal worker” (Krovec-klepar/krovka-kleparka) and
  • three years’ work experience, demonstrated by proof of works carried out in the roofing and sheet metal field, and
  • proof of at least three different interventions in architectural heritage properties completed and documented in accordance with the occupational standard that forms part of this catalogue and approved by a restorer who has passed the professional examination in the protection of cultural heritage.

It is currently not possible to obtain an NVQ for this catalogue. We suggest that you check the list from time to time in case of any new developments.