Special entry conditions

  • Knowledge of anatomy and physiology, hygiene, health education and communication, as specified in verified technical secondary school programmes in the field of healthcare, or
  • a certificate showing that the candidate has passed a test of prescribed healthcare contents at the Ministry of Health.

Providers and folder review dates

Erudio izobraževalni center
Litostrojska cesta 40, 1000 LJUBLJANA
01 5008687
Inquire about deadlines
Higeja d.o.o.
Ptujska 19, 1000 LJUBLJANA
031 335 724
Inquire about deadlines
Javni zavod Cene Štupar-Center za izobraževanje Ljubljana
Ulica Ambrožiča Novljana 5, 1000 LJUBLJANA
01 23 44 402
Inquire about deadlines
Srednja šola Izola-Scuola media Isola
Polje 41, 6310 IZOLA - ISOLA
05 6621720
Inquire about deadlines
Srednja zdravstvena in kozmetična šola Maribor
Trg Miloša Zidanška 3, 2000 MARIBOR
02 33 12 870
Inquire about deadlines
Srednja zdravstvena šola
Gosposvetska cesta 2, 2380 SLOVENJ GRADEC
Inquire about deadlines
Zavod za izobraževanje in razvoj AI - Akademija za kozmetična izobraževanja
Cesta na Brdo 69, 1000 LJUBLJANA
01 252 81 61, 051 380 453
Inquire about deadlines

If there is no specified date next to the provider, they have not yet scheduled any deadlines for obtaining an NVQ. We suggest that you call the provider and inquire about new dates.