Special entry conditions

  • At least one year’s experience of youth work, which the candidate demonstrates by means of letters of reference from organisations working in the youth work field.

Providers and folder review dates

UPI- Ljudska univerza Žalec
Ulica Ivanke Uranjek 6, 3310 ŽALEC
03 713 3550
Portfolio overview: 19.3.2024 13h
Ljudska univerza, center za izobraževanje in kulturo Kranj
Cesta Staneta Žagarja 1, 4000 KRANJ
04 2804 800
Portfolio overview: 9.4.2024 10h
Ljudska univerza Ormož
Vrazova ulica 12, 2270 ORMOŽ
02 7415 500
Inquire about deadlines

If there is no specified date next to the provider, they have not yet scheduled any deadlines for obtaining an NVQ. We suggest that you call the provider and inquire about new dates.