About web cookies and their use

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that stores the settings of websites. Websites store cookies on the devices with which users access the internet in order to identify individual devices and settings used by users in accessing them. Cookies allow websites to identify if a user has already visited the site, and their individual settings can be adjusted accordingly in the case of advanced applications. Their storage is under the complete control of the user’s browser – the storage of cookies can be restricted or disabled.

Why are cookies needed?

Cookies are fundamental in providing user-friendly online services; the most common e-commerce functions would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, making browsing the webpages more effective and enjoyable. There are several reasons for using cookies. They are used to store data on the status of each website (details of the adjustments of each website), to help with the implementation of online services (e.g. online stores) and with collecting statistics on users and website visits and on the habits of the website user, etc. Cookies can therefore be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the design of our website.

If you want to learn more about the recommended and permitted use of cookies on websites, you can read the guidelines of the information commissioner for the use of cookies, which can be found here.

List of cookies

First-party cookies

cpi_language saves website language selection; required 1 year
cpi_cookies states that the cookie notice should no longer appear 1 year
cpi_accessibility saves site accessibility settings 1 year
determines whether we can record your online visits 1 year

Third-party cookies

_ga website visit data calculation 2 years
_gid differentiates between users and sessions 1 day
_gat limiting the frequency of claims 1 min

Cookies settings


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