Path for preparation of a National Vocational Qualification

The process of preparing a new NVQ is generally divided into three sets:

  • submission of the request for the NVQ and the discussion of this request, as well as the appointment of a working group for the preparation of the NVQ;
  • preparation, validation, and official publication of the NVQ catalogue;
  • ensuring the conditions for carrying out the NVQ verification and validation procedure.

The legal or natural person submits an initiative for the development of an NVQ catalogue on the prescribed form. The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training can provide you with all the necessary assistance in preparing and submitting an initiative for the preparation of a new NVQ.

The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training records the initiative and sends it to the relevant regional committee for vocational standards , which considers the initiative and appoints a working group to prepare a catalogue for the NVQ at the request of social partners.

The working group for the preparation of the NVQ (representatives of employers, draftsmen of the NVQ initiative, competent ministries, trade unions, chambers, etc.) prepares a proposal of the

Occupational standard:

In the preparation of the occupational standard, the role of technologists, experts, and personnel from companies is important, as companies must define the typical work and tasks that personnel need to perform in the occupation and define the appropriate skills and competences necessary to perform the required work and tasks. It is also the task of company representatives to determine the level of complexity of the work of the occupational standard.

NVQ catalogue:

An NVQ catalogue is drawn up on the basis of the occupational standard. The catalogue forms the basis for the organisation and implementation of the process of verification and validation of informally acquired knowledge, in which the equivalence of the candidate’s knowledge and the knowledge recorded in the occupational standard is determined. For these purposes, the working group specifies the following in the catalogue:

Consideration and confirmation of the NVQ proposal by the Sectoral Committee for Occupational Standards  and by the Expert Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, through the issuing of a decision by the minister responsible for work on the adoption and publication of the NVQ catalogue in the national database of NVQ catalogues, and placement of the NVQ in the register of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework.

Once the NVQ catalogue has been prepared, the conditions for carrying out the NVQ verification and validation are also provided, i.e. the providers and members of the NVQ verification and validation committees are appointed. In accordance with the record of personnel conditions in the NVQ catalogue, company representatives have the option to participate in NVQ verification and validation committees, where they assess the candidates’ professional skills determined by the NVQ catalogue as experts in the field of the subject matter of the NVQ. Under certain conditions, companies also have the option to enter the register of NVQ verification and validation providers if they previously meet the material conditions recorded in the NVQ catalogue.

Decision of companies on the use of NVQs:

NVQs can be placed in collective agreements, systematisations, etc., thus giving the certification system an appropriate value compared to formal education.

NVQs are not placed in collective agreements, systematisations and are only an additional reference of the employee, which provides added value in the market, as it enables employees to provide higher levels of services.

To give you a better idea of how NVQs can also benefit your company, we have gathered some examples of good practice and experience of Slovenian companies with recruitment on the basis of NVQs.

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