NVQs open the door to a professional career, offers personal satisfaction to an individual with an official confirmation of their knowledge, and offers new opportunities in life

The advantages of NVQs are:

  • many professions (which are also changing or emerging) are learned by individuals independently on the labour market or by working in a company; an NVQ makes it relatively easy to obtain a formal document or official certificate of competence for these professions;
  • the possibility of obtaining an official document for practising a profession relatively quickly, taking into account previous work experience and knowledge;
  • career advancement or facilitating job searches without the need to obtain a higher level of professional education or complete a formal education programme;
  • easier transition from one activity or undertaking to another, as the NVQ is a publicly valid document;
  • the possibility of taking into account and recognising work experience and non-formal learning enables personal development and motivation for further education;
  • it opens up new opportunities for individuals to provide services independently on the labour market;
  • it assists individuals in obtaining a formal basis for employment or job retention, as well as promotions in the event of inadequate education, etc.;
  • it enables companies to adequately evaluate the new skills acquired by their employees in workplaces and to both increase the motivation of their employees and the competitiveness of the company in the market;
  • it offers the possibility of promotion in the workplace in industries where the NVQ forms (or will form) part of job systematisation;
  • the knowledge and experience acquired by individuals in the workplace are usually only recognised in their company. If an individual wishes to demonstrate these skills when leaving the company and applying for new jobs, it is important that he/she has the opportunity to obtain a formal certificate of professional competence (NVQ) acquired at the workplace.

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