Advisory conversation between an NVQ consultant and a candidate

Conversation with consultant Conversation between a consultant and a candidate in the case of the NVQ catalogue Website Creator

Contents of the film:

First meeting of the NVQ candidate and consultant (until 6:25)

  • familiarisation with the contents of the NVQ catalogue;
  • familiarisation with entry conditions;
  • clarification of whether inclusion in the preparation programme is a condition for entry into the process of obtaining an NVQ;
  • presentation of the personal portfolio framework;
  • instructions from the consultant to the candidate on how to collect various evidence of their work experience and knowledge in the field of website creation in the personal portfolio until the next meeting.

Second meeting of the NVQ candidate and advisor (from 6:25 onwards)

  • review of the draft of the prepared personal portfolio;
  • review of Europass CV;
  • review of evidence on compliance with entry or special conditions for the NVQ;
  • examination and orientation to obtain additional evidence, reference letters, etc.;
  • guidance from the consultant on the final arrangement of the personal portfolio;
  • the consultant describes the criteria for evaluating the candidate’s evidence.

Last step

Brief record of the course of consultations in the form of the NVQ minutes, which is signed by the consultant and the NVQ candidate

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