Peter learns how to obtain an NVQ certificate

The acquisition of an NVQ begins with the submission of the application for the acquisition of the NVQ which is sent to the NVQ verification and validation provider. Providers are various organisations that can advise and help you obtain an NVQ. The submitted application must show that we meet the entry conditions set out in the NVQ catalogue. The organisations provide a specially trained NVQ consultant who personally assists us in the entire process – from the preparation of a portfolio to the acquisition of the NVQ certificate.

With the help of the NVQ consultant, we collect evidence of our work experience and skills necessary to obtain the desired NVQ certificate. This evidence is arranged in a meaningful manner (according to the content and requirements of the NVQ catalogue) and inserted into the portfolio.

The NVQ commission reviews our portfolio and, if the evidence in the portfolio clearly shows the appropriate qualifications or competences, the commission confirms the portfolio and issues an NVQ certificate. However, if the portfolio does not convince the commission, the commission informs us that it will examine us directly in person, and also informs us of the date of the examination and its scope.

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