Let us see what advantages the NVQ certificate can bring to Peter…

An NVQ certificate can provide added value on the labour market by providing sole proprietors with a certain reference for the skills required to provide their services on the market in a quality manner. In some cases, an NVQ certificate can also help in obtaining state subsidies or registering supplementary or craft activities, etc.

NVQs can assist companies in recruitment or personnel affairs (obtaining formal grounds for employment or job retention, as well as promotions in case of inadequate education, etc.). Companies decide by themselves whether to place NVQs in their systematisation or to just use the NVQ certificate as an additional reference for the employee. It should be emphasised that employment in companies is traditionally based on the required education. With the NVQ certificate, individuals demonstrate professional competences for a particular profession, but do not obtain a level of education.

The evaluation and formalisation of skills acquired in the workplace is important. Often, the knowledge and experience acquired by individuals through work is recognised and valued only in their working environment. If this individual then wishes to demonstrate these skills when leaving the work environment and applying for new jobs, etc., it is important that he/she has the opportunity to obtain a formal certificate of the professional competences acquired at the workplace.

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