Peter wants to know how a new NVQ catalogue is prepared.

In this episode, Peter received an answer on how new NVQs are prepared. He is assisted by a friendly staff member who tells him that, while anyone can file an initiative for the establishment of a new NVQ certificate, the final decision on the practicability of a new NVQ certificate is at the discretion of experts. The assessment of practicability mainly considers the needs of the labour market. If the experts find that the new NVQ certificate proposed is a practical solution, they start to prepare a catalogue for said NVQ certificate. The catalogue is a document that forms the basis for the organisation and implementation of the NVQ verification and validation process, in which the candidate can easily obtain the NVQ certificate.

In the catalogue, the experts enumerate skills and knowledge that NVQ applicants must possess, as well as the methods for evaluating said skills and knowledge. Conditions for an organisation wishing to carry out an NVQ certificate acquisition procedure are also laid down in the catalogue. Finally, the conditions to be met by the members of committees who will evaluate the skills and knowledge of the candidates are also set out.

In order to start the process and to be able to award NVQ certificates, it is also necessary to select a contractor that will enable candidates to obtain certificates, and to train the members of the committee that will evaluate the knowledge and experience of the candidates.

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