Peter wants to know about the function of the personal portfolio in the NVQ system.

A personal portfolio is a folder, in which the candidate collects evidence of their work experience and non-formal or informal skills that can be taken into account in the process of acquiring an NVQ certificate.

Some NVQ catalogues specify the entry conditions that must be met by a person in order to be able to start with the process of acquiring an NVQ certificate. In such case, the portfolio must first include proof of compliance with the entry requirements. The portfolio must also include our CV. If we need any help, our counsellor is available for any questions from the very beginning.

Thereinafter, we use our portfolio to collect various evidence of our knowledge with the support of our counsellor, especially evidence of the skills required in the selected catalogue for NVQ.

The personal portfolio is not only important in order to obtain an NVQ certificate. It also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of our knowledge and experience, which we have already acquired in our professional and private life and of which we are often not even aware.

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