Structure of the personal portfolio of the candidate

The structure of the personal portfolio is prescribed and contains the following points and possible contents:

1. Fulfilment of special conditions

Evidence by which the candidate demonstrates the fulfilment of specific or entry conditions for NVQ (if prescribed by the NVQ catalogue):

  • required education and/or;
  • required number of years of work experience in the field of professional qualification, etc.
2. Presentation of the candidate
Curriculum vitae or Europass CV
3. Candidate’s work experience

Evidence of previous work experience may be:

  • a work booklet;
  • a contract of employment;
  • a reference letter;
  • a description of the candidate’s work;
  • a statement by an employer, etc.
4. Education and training

Certificates of education or training, if the candidate indicates them in the curriculum vitae and they are substantively linked to the qualification, but they are not an entry condition for the NVQ. Such certificates may be:

  • certificates of participation and/or completion of an educational or training programme;
  • school certificates;
  • diplomas;
  • other evidence of completed study obligations, etc.;
  • certificates from education or training providers on successful completion of education or training;
  • a certificate;
  • a licence;
  • company training certificates, etc.
5. References

If the candidate indicates on his/her CV that he/she already has work experience in the field of the professional qualification, he/she will be encouraged to document them.

The following may be considered as evidence:

  • practical work undertaken at the workplace (product, model, programme, etc.);
  • a written product prepared by the candidate at the workplace (e.g. finished project, plan, development task, research, study, report, analysis, essay, evaluation report, translation of a text, final account of a small company, establishment plan of a company, etc.);
  • service performed in the workplace.

The candidate may also demonstrate his or her work experience in other ways, e.g. through:

  • competition prizes;
  • products;
  • articles;
  • authorship or co-authorship of books and other publications.

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