Questions and answers about NVQs

The NVQ certificate can be obtained from NVQ verification and certification providers. Providers are your first step when deciding on an NVQ, and they will be happy to answer any questions about the possibility of obtaining a certificate. The list of NVQ catalogues also includes the address and telephone number of the provider offering a particular NVQ next to each NVQ catalogue. The provider also offers advice and assistance throughout the entire process of obtaining your NVQ certificate.

  1. In the list of NVQ catalogues, find an NVQ that suits you. It makes sense to focus on the NVQ catalogues or professional areas which correspond to your pre-existing work experience and knowledge.
  2. The list of NVQ catalogues also includes providers next to the NVQ catalogues, i.e. the organisations that can advise you and help you to obtain the selected NVQ. Call them and ask about deadlines for obtaining the desired NVQ certificate. If the deadline has already been announced, this will also be reflected in the list of NVQ catalogues or providers.
  3. With the help of the provider, submit a formal application for the acquisition of an NVQ.
  4. If your application meets the entry requirements for obtaining the NVQ (you will determine this when you fill in the application for obtaining the NVQ), you can start to prepare a portfolio or to collect evidence of your work experience and skills with the help of your consultant, depending on the content of the selected NVQ.
  5. If you lack certain skills required by the NVQ, you have the option to acquire these missing skills with the help of the provider through a short training programme, provided that the lack of these skills is neither too great nor involving skills of particular significance. However, this training is not mandatory (!), nor is it a condition for obtaining an NVQ. It is also almost always payable.
  6. At the end of the NVQ acquisition process, your portfolio is evaluated by the NVQ verification and validation commission. If the commission, based on clearly defined criteria for the evaluation of evidence in the portfolio, assesses that the portfolio is appropriate, it confirms it and you will receive an NVQ certificate. If it assesses that your documentation is incomplete, it shall also examine you in person by asking you certain questions or asking you to demonstrate your knowledge on a practical case, etc. If you are successful, you will receive an NVQ certificate.
    How to get an NVQ

  1. One important limitation for obtaining an NVQ certificate may be the entry conditions (also called special conditions), which are recorded in each individual NVQ catalogue, namely on the first page of the catalogue in point 2.2. These entry conditions vary widely between different NPQs. Typically, however, these entry conditions may be:
    • prior education (usually this is related to the level of complexity of the NVQ work – usually this is e.g. primary or secondary education);
    • work experience (in the field of the NVQ);
    • other (for some NPQs, entry conditions may also be various previously completed training, certain products or services, a medical certificate, etc.)

    However, there are quite a few NPQs where no entry conditions are recorded.

    The provider can also assist you in interpreting the entry conditions for the desired NVQ.

  2. A limitation may also involve a lack of work experience and skills in the field of the NVQ. However, it is sometimes possible to obtain an NVQ certificate if the lack of these skills is not too great or if it is not a lack of more demanding skills.

The prices of the NVQ verification and validation process itself vary. In the event that it is only a validation of a candidate’s portfolio, the price could be approximately EUR 180. However, if, in addition to the validation of the portfolio, there is a direct verification of the candidate in person, this price can rise to around EUR 220. The prices of the process therefore depend on the method of assessment and are recorded in the Methodology for Establishing a Price for the Acquisition of an NVQ. However, some providers may also offer a variety of remunerative preparations for the NVQ verification and validation process (shorter training sessions to acquire missing skills according to NVQ requirements). It should be stressed that these training sessions are optional, are not part of official NVQ procurement procedures, and are not a condition for obtaining an NVQ certification.

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